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The industry's leading AI-powered predictive platform that improves yield and reduces OPEX for any process step in semiconductor manufacturing.

Why Lynceus

No more surprises waiting for the results of physical metrology.

Lynceus Argo delivers real-time process predictions that drive immediate ROI in semi manufacturing.

Optimize your Smart Factory with machine-learning (ML) predictive models from Lynceus. The only AI-powered predictive platform that runs inline and in real-time with any manufacturing process step in your fab using the data you already have.


Lynceus delivers a production-proven, real-time predictive solution that delivers
exceptional value in volume manufacturing.

Lynceus Argo Platform

Lynceus Argo Model Library

Lynceus Argo Platform

A cloud-native software platform that supports multiple machine-learning predictive models to deliver Virtual Metrology for all the process steps in your fab.

  • Process-centric modeling approach
  • Combines domain expertise with AI/ML
  • Deployable on-prem or in the cloud
  • Real-time predictions for every process step.

Robust, Process-Centric Models

Patented and uniquely architected ML models that support any process in semiconductor manufacturing. Our proprietary training techniques deliver superior robustness in real-time manufacturing environments.

Partial list of available models:

  • Deep Trench Etch
  • Shallow Trench Etch
  • CMP
  • Ion Implantation
  • LIthography

Empowering every manufacturer to maximize production from new and existing fabs and realize greater sustainability.

Lynceus was founded based on the vision to provide innovative Smart Manufacturing predictive solutions for high-value manufacturers. There is a tremendous need for robust, real-time machine-learning solutions that can deliver accurate and precise predictions for the results of critical manufacturing process steps, and Lynceus can provide that today.

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